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The files below are free for download.

Updated versions will be posted periodically.


TD/CGC/MS files:

The experimental setup consisted of direct thermal desorption coupled with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

  • [excel]: ROMANIT_TD-GC-MS-DB-v1-2008.xls
    A collection of over 600 mass spectra of volatile compounds found in archaeological amber samples. Each compound from the MSDB is characterized by a relative retention time; base peak and first nine fragment ions from its mass spectra; and also by the name of the most similar compound from NIST 2005 library.

  • [excel]: ROMANIT_reference_ambers_TD-GC-MS-DB-v1-2009.xls
    A database built only for known geological origin amber samples, containing over 300 mass spectra of volatile compounds and their occurrence in reference amber specimens.
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