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We shall present here what we usually call "phase reports". Research projects generally have one or two execution phases, every year. The reports certify, first of all to the contracting authority (CNMP, in our situation), that we progress, according to the execution plan.

Phase reports are not scientific studies, although they have a lot from the attributes of the latter. They represent a stage of the awareness towards the achievement of scientific studies, but as well a contractual obligation. They don't address the general public, and at the same time they cannot be integrally published before their publishing on a hard-copy (therefore, in a book, on a periodic basis, printed on paper), especially if they contain data having a novelty character. This is the reason for which the reports shall not be published integrally on the web-site, at least in a first phase. Censored parts will be marked by [...].

Each section of the reports will be specifically ascribed to the specialist that realized the material, apart from the abstract and the conclusions, which belong, by definition, to the entire team, under the coordination of the project manager.

The reports have to be linked to the execution phases, that may be found in the hereto submenu, under project presentation. The bibliographical notes will be elucidated by the section resources > bibliography.


Report phase I
Report phase IIa (romanian version only)
Report phase IIb (romanian version only)
Report phase III (romanian version only)
Report phase IV (romanian version only)
Romanit Project - Final Abstract (pdf - 58 KB)

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